To Gift or not To gift that is the question.

This is definitely a more modern world, you can tell by all the sexy music videos and racy underwear posters on the billboards and bus stops, some have even been removed because distracted drivers find themselves not keeping an eye on the road. It kind of says that we are a little sexualised and open minded in our day to day life. Thats probably why I received an 8 inch black  didlo on my Bucks night. Quite what the lads were expecting me to do with it I do not know but as the night went on we did have a little mischief with it when we bumped into a group of ladies on a hen night. By the way when I say mischief don’t get the wrong idea, it was nothing like that. It was more a case of the ladies passing it around and doing various naughty poses with it. I can tell you something else about the hen night we bumped into, could not help noticing that the majority had turned out wearing sexy lingerie. All for good fun but at the same time very nice to look at. These kind of adult gifts really do make a talking point for the groups of party goers you bump into and to be honest thats what lifes about, having a good time without being judged because everyone understands that these are often simply a novelty adult gift.

Having seen all this I could not help wondering if this is now acceptable to most people and not something to be offended and shy about. Of course the more extravert among us would probably never have batted an eyelid at things like this, but nowadays people from all walks of life and personalities seem to be taking part in giving and receiving novelty adult gifts. I can certainly give you an example of this. I have a friend who is very well spoken and always minds her p’s and q’s, honestly butter would not melt in her mouth. Yet every year she and her two sisters exchange christmas gifts with some long time family friends of the same age, and these gifts are adult toys. They find it hilarious and it has become something of a ritual to see who can get who the most outrageous toy. Hey, with christmas just round the corner maybe this is something for you to try if you have some cheeky friends.

In this modern age lingerie now has a more sophisticated appeal, the tell tale signs are the fact it is in the main displays in shop windows and also on commercial posters. Ladies seem very open about lingerie these days and this is great because such a sexy gift can also be recieved as a flirty gift as well as a silly fancy dress outfit. So I would not rule out buying a little sexy number as a gift for a close female friend as perhaps a cheeky fun gift with maybe a subliminal side to it, you know kind of like dropping a hint.

So are these now acceptable gifts for more than just a hen night or bucks night, oh yes definitely, of course it is upto you to trust your instincts in terms of the person who is receiving as to whether it is for them or not, but I think anything fun and sexy will put a smile on most peoples faces even if it is just from the shock factor. Christmas is here! Could be a chance to see how brave you are, or better still, maybe somebody has already bought you something a little risky.